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Indian Trail Caverns and Sheriden Cave research site are located in scenic Northwest Ohio. They are a unique cavern formation in a natural limestone-dolomite ridge along Ohio State Route 568 which traverses the corner of historic Wyandot, Seneca and Hancock Counties.

Indian Trail Caverns are located 9 miles east of Findlay, Ohio and 4 miles west of Carey, Ohio at 722 Ohio State Route 568. The scenic ridge area lies along the edge of the old Great Black Swamp and the old Big Spring Indian Reservation which was home to the Wyandot Indians and was the last Indian Reservation east of the Mississippi River. It is a short drive from VanBuren State Park and several other historic landmarks and scenic areas.

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In today's world of increased global and environmental awareness the desire to explore and learn about the world around us is fast becoming a focal point in educating the youth of today for their leadership tomorrow.

Indian Trail Caverns and Sheriden Cave research site are a remarkable location in the Americas for research into our past that will give insight into our future. They are being researched by top specialists from around the world and have been filmed by for several movies and documentaries including:
  • What Killed the Mega Beasts? - The Discovery Channel. 2002
  • Ancient Asteroids -The National Geographic Television. 2008
  • Catastrophe - The Discovery Channel, BBC Channel 4 2008
  • How the Earth Was Made - The History Channel 2009
  • The Universe series -The History Channel 2009


    The Sheriden cave site has also been featured in an article in the world renown  Archaeology Magazine as well as many other national, state, and local periodicals and news articles.


    The Sheriden cave site at Indian Trail Caverns was presented by the State of Ohio with a historical marker in August of 2001.

    The site has yielded over ten thousand different specimens and artifacts which include over sixty five species of life that lived in Ohio prior to the last glacial coverage of the region. Rare extinct species found at the site include short faced bear, elk-moose, flat headed and long nosed peccary.  This is the most recent site on the planet where the giant beaver lived.  The giant beaver was over six feet long and weighed over 250 pounds. 

    The site also has remains of smaller mammals such as bats, voles, pine martens, weasels, as well as various amphibians, reptilians, aves, gastropoda and osteichtyes.  Two projectile spear points made of bone has been found at the site.  They are a very rare find being the oldest for the Midwest region and are scientifically dated at between 13,000 and 12,925 years ago.  The site also includes the oldest in-situ Clovis type point found in Ohio.  More photos of the site and professional quality casts of these, as well as other artifacts, are available from one of the world's leading specialists in lithics casting, Peter Bostrom.  

    Check out Peter Bostrom  awesome web site at

    Guided tours of Indian Trail Caverns provide an enlightening view of the archeology and geology of the region. Access to the caverns is provided by gentle stairways which have been designed to accommodate both the young and old. The caverns are well lit and the tour is along gravel paths. A cool natural airflow from several natural skylights keeps the caverns around 55 degrees Fahrenheit year round so a light jacket is recommended.

    The caverns are open from 1 pm - 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend.The guided tour lasts about an hour and the rate is $9.00 for adults and $6.00 for children with preschool free. We accept cash and do not accept credit cards or checks.

    Special group rates, days and times are available for bus tours, schools and other educational and non-profit organizations. The group tours can be arranged from April through October. For more information call 419-387-7773 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time or email us at

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